About Our Weekday Preschool Ministry

Olivet offers a safe and loving environment to share the love of Jesus with children and their families. Our Bible-based curriculum provides fun and engaging activities including music, art, story time, and indoor/outdoor play, in order to develop social skills and build educational concepts necessary for beginning kindergarten. Daily lesson plans include a variety of activities to help each child grow to his or her full potential in each area of development.

For more info, contact our preschool director, Lindsay Loyer


  • Days: (M&T) or (W&TH.) or (M-TH.)
  • Time: 9am-1pm
  • Registration Fee: $75
  • Monthly Tuition: $155 / $275
  • Teacher: Jessica Haines


  • Days: Monday-Thurday
  • Time: 9am-1pm
  • Registration Fee: $75
  • Monthly Tuition: $275
  • Teacher: Madison Richards


  • Days: Monday-Thurday
  • Time: 9am-1pm
  • Registration Fee: $75
  • Monthly Tuition: $275
  • Teachers: Lynnete Patrick and Lindsay Loyer


We begin registration at age two. Enrollment for each classroom is grouped parallel to their kindergarten class. 

To enroll, students must be two by 8/31/23. To enter the 3’s classroom, they must be three by 8/31/23. They must be 4 by 8/31/23 for PRE-K.

Our non-refundable registration fee is $75, due at the time of registration   Re-enrollment of current students and new enrollment of church members children has a $50 registration fee. This secures your child a spot in our program for the upcoming year.

Tuition for 2023-2024:
Two year olds are able to attend either two days a week or four.
The cost is $155 a month for the two day program and $275 a month for the four day program.
Your child will attend M/T or W/Thur or Monday-Thursday.

Three Year olds and Pre-K will attend four days a week.
The cost is $275 a month for the four day program.
They will attend Monday- Thursday.

Throughout the school year, we will, at times, have events that will be an extra fee outside of your tuition cost. Typically this is a very small additional cost. We also try to let you know plenty in advance as well.
For example: Field Trip/$10. Thanksgiving Feast/$5.

We have the option to pay tuition by the year or month. If you decide to pay by the month, the tuition will be due on the first of each month. A late fee of $10 will be required if it is after the 5th of the month.

We do not accept any government vouchers at this time.

Yes, we require an updated copy of your child’s vaccination record to be kept on file. You will need to submit this by the first week of school if you do not have a copy when submitting your registration. 

Our two year olds need to be working toward potty training. However, they do not need to be fully potty trained when entering preschool. 

Our 3’s and Pre-K classroom do need to be potty trained and in underwear to attend preschool in September. We realize you may be enrolling your child now, who isn’t quite potty trained yet. Our goal is just in making sure they are moving forward in the process between now and then. We will offer some grace the first few weeks.

We always begin the first day of school on the Tuesday following Labor Day. We end the Thursday prior to Memorial Day. We follow the Catawba County School Calendar for operating days. This allows parents who have school age children to take vacations and have a schedule that is parallel to the preschool schedule. It also allows the staff with younger children to be at home with their child if he or she is enrolled in a CCS as an elementary student.

Yes, of course. We offer tours on Monday and Wednesday at 1:15pm. You would need to schedule in advance if you wish to tour by emailing us at: olivetpreschoolnc@gmail.com 

Please know our open spots for enrollment are on a first come, first serve basis. 

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Re-enrollment of current students and new enrollment for church members begins March 6th! Open enrollment to the community will begin March 20th!